Radio Lublin


Polish Radio Lublin is one of the oldest radio stations in Poland. For the past 65 years has focused its audience around the region, emphasizing its culture. Due to the appearance of a new radio schedule, the station decided to thoroughly change its visual identity, including the name of the radio.

One of the steps of rebranding was to design a new website for the station. The graphic design was to be consistent with the new visual communication and to emphasize the media character of the radio. In collaboration with the client, we have created an information architecture that easily displays large amounts of news. Due to the change of layout and the inclusion of a new type of information, we have highlighted multimedia content. In graphic design, circle motif and blue color we used point, so we kept balance between the number of presented topics and new identification.

Another important element of the project was the functioning of the website on mobile devices. We tailored each subpage to the resolution of smartphones and tablets.

Polskie Radio Lublin


Functional mockups

Responsive version