Radio Lublin


Polish Radio Lublin is one of the oldest radio stations in Poland. For the past 65 years has focused its audience around the region, emphasizing its culture. Due to the appearance of a new radio schedule, the station decided to thoroughly change its visual identity, including the name of the radio.

The first stage of the rebranding process was to create a new logo. The main premise for the new sign was the balance between a modern station and a regional station, which was picked up by people from larger and smaller towns. We decided to use a simple and homogeneous form that intelligently communicates the new name of the radio. In order to give media coverage of the station we used blue color and broke it with white circles, symbolizing the spreading radio waves. The red quarter, refers to the recording button, often used in radio work.

The next step was to change the entire visual identity. The client was keen on a fresh approach and maintaining key assumptions. In everyday activities, the visual communication of the radio operates on a variety of media from letterhead to transmission truck. We have taken that fact into account, and we have appropriately linked the motif of spreading waves with blue color. As a result, we have achieved modern and sustainable communication at every level.

For the rebranding we have also designed a new radio news service. Here you can see effects.

Polskie Radio Lublin
Corporate identity
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Corporate identity

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Transmission truck