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Mail My Day


Mail My Day is a conference of marketers and email marketing specialists. The event has already passed six editions, and in addition to inspirational lectures and demonstrations, it organizes workshops on which expands email marketing expertise. An important part of the conference is after party where you can meet interesting people and exchange experiences.

The organizer of the conference is Freshmail, who came to our studio with a proposal to refresh the visual identity of the event. The scope of work covered the change of logo and website. The challenge was to adjust the image to the current trends, preserving the unique nature of the conference and leading color schemes.

Work on the new logo began with the creation of the signet. We maintained its three-dimensional structure while simplifying the symbol itself. We presented project in yellow shades respectively accentuating spatiality of the sign. An important element was the selection of typography, we decided on a strong and geometric font that corresponds to the spatial sign, while preserving the original spelling of the name of the event.

The next step was to change the website. The customer provided us with a ready information architecture where all content was included on one page. Due to the large number of elements, we decided to divide the layout into distinct sections. To complement the leading color we matched the gray color and proposed black and white photos. We also added hexagonal figures inspired by signet.

The whole of the creation perfectly reflects the modern continuation of the event image, which was met with positive reception by conference participants.

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