If you are looking for subscriptions to a national or foreign magazine then Kiosk24 is the perfect place. It is the only online shop in Poland that offers editorial subscriptions in traditional paper form. The platform also allows you to order digital versions of magazines and books.

 The client came to our studio with the intention of refreshing the logo and graphic design of the shop. The reason for the change was the desire to develop the platform on mobile devices as well as the compatibility of materials with current design trends. The new projects were supposed to be clean and maintain the red color with which the customer was identified.

The first task was the logo design. During the process we created various concepts of the sign. Together with the client we decided to use the bookmark motif, which is clearly associated with the literature. The brand name was written in two lines referring to the column form of articles in magazines. We also put on a strong typography to increase the readability of the whole sign.

Work on the e-commerce website started with the design of a new information architecture. We have organized the order process and other items to adjust the platform to mobile devices. In the graphic design we used a large amount of white space which exposes the products and content. We split the sections with thin lines with red accents to keep the clean effect and refer to the logo. We used geometric typography that corresponds to a strong sign and present texts more clearly.

E-commerce website


E-commerce platform

Information architecture

Responsive version