emplo is an on-line tool that improves internal communication in companies. With it, you can easily manage your staff development and your goals. Apart from the application itself, the company systematically expands its knowledge base on Human resources.

Due to the dynamic development of the platform, the client has decided to update and organize his visual identity. The logo and colors were to remain unchanged, but the whole image was supposed to create a more professional and professional feel. Another important criterion was consistency of communication at all levels.

We have proposed several solutions, and after consulting with the customer we decided to take advantage of the dark blue color combined with orange and white accents. In addition, we used the iconographic motif of the butterfly, which the emplo used in the previous material. The typography was also changed. During the work the scope of the projected elements increased, so that we could take care of the visual consistency of each one. New rules of communication were gathered in one place by designing a brand book.

Our co-operation with the customer has transformed into a constant branding service, so we support emplo in continuous development.

Corporate identity
Brand book
Branding gadgets

Corporate identity

Promotional folder


Roll-up and wall



We've designed a series of Ebooks